JCPS Multifaceted IFP 2019-2020

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Jefferson County BOE PLC 2019-2020
By May 30, 2020, the Jefferson County Public Schools Skills U, through the implementation of enhanced intake services, expanded student choices for instruction, online/distance learning, new partnerships, and effective data management will increase

  •  ABE enrollment by 20%,
  • MSG performance by 13%,
  • GED credentials earned by 20%, and
  • Student re-engagement by 10%.



The JCPS 2019-2020 Innovation Plan took a broad sweeping approach to addressing the needs and outcomes of their students. The JCPS Innovation Plan was designed to increase enrollment, MSG gains and GED attainments. To accomplish this goal, the JCPS PLC developed five teams. Each team identified specific products, strategies, or processes that would address their selected area. The teams included:

    • Student Choices
    • Call Center
    • Data Roles
    • Partnerships
    • Online/Distance Learning


Call Center

The Call Center will develop a systematic way to electronically track calls, call backs, testing appointments, etc. This system is critical to program success – using this systems ensures consistency and a systematic approach for follow up.

The use of AppointmentPlus will enable the JCPS Skills U to have an in-house place to store student information that’s not in KAERS, such as teacher notes.



The Partnership team will compile a reference list of current partnerships and what is provided by those partners, with a goal to provide staff and students with more access to information that they need. The Partnership team will explore opportunities for more community-
based partnerships. The Partnership team will work to expand knowledge within communities about programs that can be accessed. The goal is to extend advertising without accruing more costs through free promotional opportunities.


Distance Learning

    • Team will develop eligibility requirements for students to enroll in distance learning activities. (Note: This was an initiative in process prior to the COVID-19 shut-down of face-to-face classes.)
    • Team will survey students to determine ability and level of motivation to participate in online learning.
    • Team will build an online program from an existing framework to support fully online students for ABE, supplement class time, and to develop online learning for both ABE and ESL.
    • JCPS developed both synchronous instructional options for students and expanded asynchronous instructional options for students.
    • In the fall of 2020, the Distance Learning Team in collaboration with instructors will expand online options.


Data Roles

The team will survey instructors to identify data needs and analyze the results of the survey to share with staff as a way to streamline programmatic needs.


Student Choices

    • The Student Choices Team chose to identify ways in which they could provide additional options for students to attend classes.
    • The Student Choices Team partnered with the Partnership and Distance Learning Team to work on methods to provide more choices for students.



    • COVID-19 closures that stopped forward progress on implementation of activities.
    • Trying to evaluate platforms and LMSs for “best” options for students because of the wide range of criteria to be used.
    • Due to COVID-19 closures, Call Center team was unable to get everyone trained on AppointmentPlus.
    • Getting all staff to respond to surveys related to data needed within their programs.
    • Putting up signs in public places to find them taken down the very next day. Difficulty in finding right person to authorize distribution or placement of materials.



    • We created workflow with graphics and instructions for various online program or remote processes such as enrollment, signing onto and using Aztec, and how students can add Ready tests in
    • The COVID-91 period gave us a crash course in lots of areas – intellectually and emotionally. The use of for course content and demonstrating math problems in this platform using Zoom teleconferenced worked.
    • The completion of the AppointmentPlus Comprehensive User Guide and the AppointmentPlus Basic User Guides was a mastery moment, thanks to Susan Carrell for compiling everyone’s information in a thorough guide.
    • We gathered useful information as it pertains to data and the roles it plays. This can be used to make strategic decisions moving forward.
    • We were able to get a lot of free advertising!  I was proud to drive around town and see our signs and pull tab posters displayed.  Our proudest moment was when our director was featured on a radio program.

Results of Product


Data is incomplete due to Covid-19 restrictions. Preliminary results are as follows:

*Results: Based on data as of 3rd quarter, JCPS had attained

  • 62% of the enrollment goal
  • 26% of MSG attainment goal
  • 14% of GED attainment goal


Note: JCPS was on track to meet the enrollment goal and to potentially meet the MSG goal. GED attainment goal was problematic in part due to testing limitations.



The following are recommendations for others who want to replicate the products, process, and/or strategies from the JCPS PLC Innovation Teams.

Call Center

Providers would need to

    • Determine if AppointmentPlus would benefit their program, since the program must be purchased
    • Would be able to use the guides, as is, unless there was a unique situation that would create the need for revisions.
    • Train staff members who would be using AppointmentPlus, using the AppointmentPlus Comprehensive Guide as the basis for the training.
    • Provide users with both the AppointmentPlus Basic Guide for everyday use.

Data Roles

Providers would need to

    • Review the Data Survey to see if it would meet their situations.
    • Set up the content of the survey on Survey Monkee.
    • Conduct the survey and analyze the results.
    • Determine key takeaways from the survey.
    • Present the results of the survey to staff and brainstorm how to address needs identified through the survey


Providers would need to

    • Determine on which outreach methods they intend to focus, i.e., yard signs, flyers, connections with local media, etc.
    • Identify locations that would be of greatest value in promoting the program within target populations.
    • Identify an individual who would be responsible for tracking activities completed using the spreadsheet template, or set up the template using Google Sheets as a collaborative document so all working group members could input their own data.


Distance Learning

Providers would need to

    • Review the online learning survey to determine if any questions should be altered.
    • Conduct the survey by distributing to all currently enrolled students or those who are in the registration process
    • Analyze the results of the survey to determine if there are specific areas that will need to be addressed, such as providing students with information on hotspots in their area, identifying alternatives for students who have no access to the internet
    • Review all of the distance learning programs available to them, i.e., Aztec, GED Flash, Fast Forward, EdReady, etc.
    • Establish an online class schedule for both synchronous and asynchronous instruction.



Taken from the Product Summary.

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