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2019 - 2021 Products
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The JCPS 2019-2020 Innovation Plan took a broad sweeping approach to addressing the needs and outcomes of their students. The JCPS Innovation Plan was designed to increase enrollment, MSG gains and GED attainments. Online delivery/NTI schedules also addressed student persistence and retention during a pandemic. (Image from
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WKCTC wanted to increase outreach in Carlisle, Graves, and McCracken counties to increase enrollment, recruitment, and other gains by the end of April 2020. Included in these efforts were bilingual fliers, talking points, and TABE review booklets.
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The work of the 2019-2020 ESL PLC focused not only on CASAS and BE training but also on how best to transition our Kentucky ESL students to GED® seekers. The best practices reflect suggested transitions in IELCE programs (contributed by BCTC) and GED® contextualized instruction for non-IELCE programs (contributed by West Kentucky CTC). Both infographic models are accompanied by a FAQ document with contact information for questions. These highlighted models are not meant to be a rulebook to follow; rather, they should be guiding considerations to tailor to local needs and resources.

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The BCTC Innovation Plan begun in 2019 took a broad, sweeping approach to addressing the needs and outcomes of their students. To do this, BCTC’s PLC developed four teams. Each team identified specific products, strategies, or processes that would address their selected area. The teams included MSG Attainment, GED® Attainment, Community Outreach/Partnerships, and Distance Learning. During FY2021, the teams expanded on and refined elements begun before the pandemic closed the program.
2018 - 2019 Products
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This product contains practices to provide a better experience in regards to assessment and monitoring of results. These practices include …

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When looking at the issue of Student Retention and Persistence, the group decided to explore a possible connection to the implementation of TABE 11/12 and its effect on students persisting towards a GED®.

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The high cost of the GED® is perhaps hindering many students who have completed 50 – 75% of coursework toward completion.

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MSG Teams, which worked collaboratively to analyze data and increase post-testing percentages and MSGs …

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The MSU PLC decided to focus on improving GED® attainments and MSGs by contacting students from 2014 to the present who had…