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2019 - 2020 Products
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The JCPS 2019-2020 Innovation Plan took a broad sweeping approach to addressing the needs and outcomes of their students. The JCPS Innovation Plan was designed to increase enrollment, MSG gains and GED attainments. Online delivery/NTI schedules also addressed student persistence and retention during a pandemic. (Image from

2018 - 2019 Products
Synergy Scholarship for GED graduate link to product page

Breaking Down GED® Barriers

Community Partner Scholarships

The high cost of the GED® is perhaps hindering many students who have completed 50 – 75% of coursework toward completion. How might community partners be tapped to help defray student costs?

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Hardin County BOE consortium decided that the best way to increase enrollment was to develop more creative marketing plans and partner with local businesses and school systems…

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Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College Skills U decided to tackle ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) …